Setting up MySQL replication without the downtime

This is just a copy from the origin article Setting up MySQL replication without the downtime I clearly don’t need to expound on the benefits of master-slave replication for your MySQL database. It’s simply a good idea; one nicety I looked forward to was the ability to run backups from the slave without impacting the […]

Resume a large scp transfer

Today I was tyring to transfer a huge file over a ssh connection (scp). Everything was working fine, but at 94% the connection stalled and the transfer has been interrupted. $#!”&%, I thought, but luckily yyab helped me a lot! If you need to resume an scp transfer, try with rsync: rsync –partial –progress –rsh=ssh […]

Vérification d’email

Zend\Validator\EmailAddress vous permet de valider une adresse e-mail. Le validateur devise d’abord l’adresse email en deux partie locale et domaine et essaie ensuite de les valider conformément aux spécifications des adresses email et noms de domaine. Options pour validation EmailAddresses : Zend\Validator\Email support plusieurs options qui peuvent soit être mis à l’initiation, (tableau de paramètres), […]